Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CQ Does Garlic Shrimp Rainbow Fusilli in Cream Sauce

I have a guest blogger today!!! Some of you might know that CQ is a really good cook. She sent me the following e-mail a few days ago, complete with pictures. So I decided to post them here.

In CQ's own words (it's English, by the way):

Last night i made Garlic Shrimp Rainbow Fusilli in Cream Sauce. Very pretty autumn' looking dish. And it was easy. Just the prep time i think is long..

K. First, i wen boil da water wit some salt for da noodoo. I bought it from safeway when it was on sale. i think it was 4 boxes of pasta for $5 So i got the colored fusilli and some orzo pasta. Good sale. Anyways, I wen cut some bacon into bite size pieces. ( But MY bite size pieces are kinda BEEG ) Den i wen fry um.

Den, i wen sliver some onions and wen saute in a different pan with olive oil and dash of garlic salt.
Peel and cut da shrimp into big bite size pieces.

To make da sauce, ( used my procceser ) i put a sprig of chinese parsley, huge scoop of margarine, 4-5 cloves of garlic and blended. Meantime, i had Kaori whisk the small carton of heavy whipping cream. She did it till it was kinda thick. Maybe same consistancy as creamy mushroom soup.

Add the sweet peppers and brocolli to the onions, and a lil of the parsley/butter mixture. ( i wish i had some spinich and mushrooms, but i nevah have any at da time.) Cook until the broccolli is tender but still firm. Put in the shrimp pieces and saute with the rest of the butter.
K, Add da bacon and fold into the veggie mixture.
Next i tossed the cooked pasta with the green onions and tomato...dont ask why... and topped the shrimp mixture on top of the noodoos. Den whalla!!! Add parmesean and crumbled feta chesses on top and serve! Pretty yeah?!
HA! i forgot to tell you to add the cream to the shrimp/veggie FIRST! An den toss the noodoo and DEN add the shrimp sauce on top da pasta! Whoa, an das why i no can have blog! Cannot geev directions...


Erick said...

Looks ono to me. If you didn't mention the screw-up I would have never noticed. Photos are great!

Betty Townsend said...

looks yum!!!

jalna said...

Betty and Erick, shrimp and bacon are good things, and anytime CQ does the cooking you know it's yummy.

jalna said...

CQ, my favorite part is "Den whalla!"

Christine said...

Thanks Guys! My famillia enjoyed it too. My secret?...Too much 'Food Network'! See MoM! You CAN learn from watching too much t.v.! lol

Leslie's pics said...

why you always make stuff I cannot eat? :(

Betty Townsend said...

Yup, Food Network is addicting. I watch too much of it. Got some yummy recipes though! :))