Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Notes from Around the Office

Nice to have a green co-worker.
This note has been hanging here for ages, and it's nowhere near anything that can be turned off.
I blame the men.
There was a time when we would have only empty ice trays in the freezer.
This is my favorite note . . . from my favorite co-worker . . . Leslie.


Erick said...

Too funny, I love the last sign! We need one at our office too. We do have a snack table rules sign, but no one pays attention. Signs, they only work when someone is watching.

Betty Townsend said...

Hahahaha!!! These are priceless! I remember the days when we had all these kinds of notes around our office. I have no doubt they still do and probably people still ignore them.

Leslie's pics said...

how'd you know it was me????

jalna said...

Erick: I like see your snack table rules.

Betty: So funny yeah, that we need signs. I can tell though that people are trying to obey.

Les: Somehow I knew . . . maybe it was the word "crap". Hahahaha.

ny said...

lol! yah, sounds like women made those signs for men! lol!

jalna said...

Ny, you're right!