Sunday, July 19, 2009

Find Your Voice Youth Summit - 7-19-2009

I met up with John Hina at Waimanalo Beach Park today where he was helping some kids put together a mural. The youths were participating in a summit that was organized by the Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Violence Center (API Center), Ke Ola Hou and others. Some of the kids had come from as far as California, Boston and New Zealand. They were here to interact with each other, to learn from each other and to participate in workshops dealing with violence and how it affects all of us. I know my meager explanation for the summit and all it entailed doesn't do it justice and I apologize.

This is Maria San from Oakland, California. She gave a very moving talk describing the immigrant/refugee heritage she was born to and how positive influences have changed her life.
This is Vince from Alameda, California who bears a tattoo honoring his late cousin who passed away from cancer.
Witnessing these people gathered here, all unified in purpose was a totally unexpected moving experience for me.
Here's John explaining the game plan.
John finished up when the kids left to participate in the final program.


Betty Townsend said...

These kind of programs are awesome! It is unfortunate there is not more of this spread around the country. John is doing a great job bringing kids together.

Erick said...

Great event and great photographic coverage! I like your camera angles and saturation. That shot of them holding hands is terrific. Super job!

jalna said...

Betty, with all the bad that goes on in our world, it just touches my heart to witness events such as this where good people try to bring about good changes for everyone.

Thanks Eric, I loooove that shot too.

Unknown said...

Jalna, Thanks so much for posting all of these pics! I didn't have a camera with me that day and I'm so glad that you were with us to share in the experience and to document some of these moments...Blessings, Tai-An (from the API Center)

jalna said...

Tai-an, it was totally my pleasure!!