Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Same Birthday

My cousin Renee e-mailed me today to wish me a belated happy birthday. It brought back a memory I had long forgotten. I was in the first grade. Renee and I were in the same Japanese School class. It was Parent Day and a lot of the parents were there in the back of the class observing. My mom wasn't there, but Renee's mom, my Aunty Doris was there. The teacher had each of us stand up and say our name and our birthdate in Japanese. Each of the students dutifully stood up one by one and did just that. I was totally panicking . . . I sooooo didn't know how to say my birthdate in Japanese. It was soon gonna be my turn. I turned to Renee who was sitting next to me and asked, "When is your birthday?" I don't remember her answer but I think it was sometime in November. I said, "Oh my God, that's MY BIRTHDAY too!!! . . . So, how do you say it in Japanese?" So for that day, me and my cousin had the same birthday.

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Erick said...

Kawaii nay! You were so cute as a child.