Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho - 10/1/2008

It's back to work I go.

Lorna's mom made two pans of butter mochi for my birthday "cake"!

Runa gave me a bunch of my favorite candies.

Melody bought me some beautiful flowers.

And Anne got me chocolate covered strawberry mochi! Soooo luscious . . . reminds me of a story. She said the mochi is from some warehouse in Pearl City. She tried to describe how to get there, but I had no clue. She ordered a variety of mochi from there and said she's gonna pick them up on Friday. I'll keep you posted.


Erick said...

I love your desk! I thought my desk was a mess, I don't feel so bad now, I have company.

I know everyone must be happy to have you back at work. Welcome back!

jalna said...

Excuuuuuse me. We had Clean-Up Day at work last month or so, and this is my NEAT desk.